The QualiFYI Podcast has Launched

The QualiFYI Podcast has Launched

Sean Harris
May 06, 2021

QualiFYI, Quali’s award-nominated video series, is now available as a podcast! Why would we make a podcast when we already have a successful video series, you ask? Because you can listen to it anywhere at any time—while driving, doing the dishes, jogging, or even in the shower. It’s all about flexibility for you, the listener.

Each episode, the host of the QualiFYI podcast, Arta Shita, interviews tech industry experts about DevOps, software testing, infrastructure automation, and tons more. There are currently nine episodes available wherever you get your podcasts, so you can binge on technology thought leadership to your heart’s content!

Links to the QualiFYI podcast on the major platforms are below. Or you can just go to your platform of choice and search for QualiFYI, then please subscribe and leave us a review.

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