TechBlog: The Joy of Sharing the Product Roller Coaster Ride with our Customers


Posted by Muli Wienrib - December 05, 2019

Capturing and responding to customer feedback can be a long process, resulting in a decrease in customer satisfaction and product utilization. Learn how our product team uses a community portal to give our CloudShell users a voice and say in the features, enhancements, and direction of our award-winning Environment as a Service platform.

Check out my recent Quali TechBlog post to learn about “The Joy of Sharing the Product Roller Coaster Ride with our Customers.”

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  • Posted by Muli Wienrib on December 05, 2019
  • About Author: Muli is an Electronic Engineer by education, but a Product Manager by heart. If this cliche line made you nauseated, it's okay because he also volunteers as a medic and can treat you.

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