3 Ways to Maintain Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Outbreak

3 Ways to Maintain Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Jeff Rezabek
March 16, 2020

Business today is fast-paced and rapidly evolving. Whether you’re certifying devices in a lab, demonstrating the value of a solution to a prospect, or developing, testing, and deploying software applications, your business needs to run efficiently to maintain the pace of innovation and deliver streamlined value to your end-users. However, in recent weeks, the way we do business and deliver value has drastically shifted because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


Your businesses must now adapt to meet your targets and continue to deliver value to end-users while protecting the health and well-being of your most valuable assets: your employees. 


This post provides tips on how to enable your remote workforce to preserve and promote productivity using Environment as a Service solutions to meet business objections, all while protecting the safety of your employees, prospects, and their families. 


How to Maintain Business Momentum Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

Enable Remote Productivity 

Businesses big and small have responded to the Coronavirus by putting the well-being of employees before business and backing out of tradeshows, restricting travel, and mandating company-wide work-from-home policies. Even traditional financial institutions have put these policies into play. But, businesses still have an obligation to meet revenue goals and release timelines. 


What if your sales team could still demo on virtual demo environments; your labs could still certify devices leveraging Lab as a Service; and your development and testing teams test applications with on-demand access to production-like environment whenever they need them, wherever they are? 


Creating reusable, automated environment blueprints with the tools that your lines of business need to deliver virtual sales demo and POCs, access a lab as a service model for certification, and progress the digital transformation will help you maintain productivity of your remote teams. 


With push-button access to standardized, automated environments, you can operate a business-as-usual culture while working remotely. When the environment is no longer needed, or the reservation time has elapsed, the environment will be automatically torn-down—freeing up resources for other teams, controlling costs, and managing policy-based security.

Support Global Teams 

Whether your new remote workforce comprises of a few people scattered across town, or you’re suddenly supporting a globally distributed team of thousands, you need a way to give your employees on-demand access to the environments while maintaining security and compliance. 


Using a drag and drop environment designer leveraging out-of-the-box integrations and robust security and compliance controls, you can define a catalog of policy-based infrastructure and application environment automation workflows to govern who can access what environments and for how long. Additional configurations can be made to grant authorized users the ability to connect to virtual machines through RDP and SSH without having to share sensitive login credentials or handover the keys to the cloud. 


Future-proof Automation 

The businesses that are equipped to adapt to sudden changes quickly are typically the businesses that survive a crisis. While recent events leave a lot of uncertainty, it’s a given that the infrastructure and technology that your business uses today will change as your business grows and your needs evolve. 


Future-proof your environment automation by designing the environment at the application-level. As your infrastructure changes, you won’t need to rewrite scripts or reconfigure automation because the blueprint will call on an available device type that fits the criteria. 


Visit Quali.com to learn how you can use Environment as a Service solutions

to support the growth and productivity of your remote employees. 

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