Maya Ber Essentials of Automation: Simplicity


Posted by Maya Ber Lerner - October 23, 2019

What does a Picasso lithograph, electrical circuits, and software environments have in common? You may not easily see the connection at first, but our CTO and chief evangelist, Maya Ber Lerner breaks each topic down to its simplest form to paint a complete picture.


In Part 1 of this series, Maya explains the importance of simplifying the problem to create an automation model that doesn’t get lost in the details.

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  • Posted by Maya Ber Lerner on October 23, 2019
  • About Author: Maya is Chief Technology Officer and Chief Evangelist at Quali. Originally a biomedical engineer, she somehow got into software and automation, and immediately felt at home. When not traveling she is the IT person at home, and the only one allowed to change router configurations. Outside of work, she likes drawing, carving, and reading.

Topics: Environment as a Service, parallel delivery

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