Sandboxes + Jenkins = CI/CD Love

Sandboxes + Jenkins = CI/CD Love

August 25, 2016

The Quali team is excited to be participating in Jenkins World next month! Come check us out and see why Jenkins+Cloud Sandboxes is a match made in heaven for CI/CD.

The journey to DevOps and CI/CD can be a bumpy one, but Cloud Sandboxes help smooth the ride, giving development and test teams the power to make Continuous Test a reality.

Jenkins is an incredible tool for streamlining the application build, test, and release process, but without a sandboxing tool in place you can only go so far. Applications are evolving at lightning speed, becoming more complex, and being deployed on more technologies and platforms. This means the days of the simple "single server dev/test environment" are over. Today's applications, especially those developed for the enterprise, need to be developed and tested in sandbox environments that can truly replicate production-like deployments with full support for networking, cloud, virtualization, app deployment, and configuration of physical resources like network gear, storage, and even IoT.

We've been working for years helping dev, test, and IT teams provision complex infrastructure environments using sandboxes, and now we're bringing that technology to Jenkins and CloudBees Pipeline. Here's how they work:

The Jenkins Plugin allows CI/CD managers to associate a Quali sandbox to a job in Jenkins, which means that instead of running a test or build job on a single node, jobs can be run against a full infrastructure sandbox. The plugin allows you to Deploy (Start) a sandbox environment or Destroy (Stop) a sandbox. When a sandbox is started the plugin will store the Sandbox Id and Sandbox details in Jenkins environment variables, which can then be used in other build steps of Jenkins as necessary or by Test Automation scripts or tools to access/modify the sandbox via Quali's Sandbox REST API.

Quali Jenkins Integration

Quali Sandbox Jenkins Plugin

The CloudBees Pipeline tool is a set of plugins for Jenkins that make it possible to run complex, multistage builds based on a single programmatic script to achieve a CD pipeline workflow. Quali's CloudBees Pipeline Integration allows associating different sandbox environments for each of the different stages of your CD Pipeline. For example a "Sanity" stage sandbox might deploy a single app VM and a DB that runs on your local machine. When tests pass, the plugin will automatically tear down the sandbox. Move on to, say, an "Load Test" stage; the sandbox here might deploy an app, DB, a load balancer, firewall, as well as a VM for generating traffic load. Sandbox orchestration will handle the deployment, setting up networking, etc. Tests pass? Move on to a full system or staging test - here the sandbox you deploy may actually provision physical devices like network gear or test equipment. As your application progresses through the CI/CD pipeline, you want to be able to make your sandboxes more accurately mimic production, so that when you make the final deploy, you don't make headline news for crashing production.

CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD Pipeline with Sandboxes

To help you get ready for Jenkins World and learn more about sandboxing, here are some resources that you'll find extremely helpful:

So come visit our booth to learn about how Quali cloud sandbox software can extend Jenkins and CloudBees and help smooth your CI/CD and DevOps journey! You won't want to miss:

  • Live Demos - get a live demo from one of our "Sandbox Experts":
    • Test drive CloudShell to understand how the CloudShell Jenkins plugin can make Jenkins a more effective CI/CD tool
    • Learn how CloudBees Pipeline can be augmented with Quali sandboxes
    • See how Cisco's DevNet usses CloudShell sandbox technology to create a global developer cloud

  • One on One Sessions - have one of our Sandbox Experts answer any of your questions about how sandbox software can help with CI/CD
  • Fun Swag - Grab a t-shirt, fun stickers, and fill out our DevOps survey for a chance to win an Apple Watch (monthly drawings).

Jenkins World is September 13-15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Register now and see you there!

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